We are committed to ensure all YOUR PERSONAL DATA IS NOT ACCESS OR TRANSFERRED TO A THIRD-PARTY.  This data could have been accessible through our website, mobile, email and other direct marketing services. ALL DATA ARE KEPT CONFIDENTIALLY AND SAFE TO ENSURE NO BREACHES.  If any breaches occur, you will be informed immediately, and steps taken to ensure no harm or injury because of that breach.

We keep your data for internal governance or to market a new service that is associated only with the company and not accessible to any outside third-party.

From information collected we may also send you a personal birthday message, announcements, and notifications of any new and relevant content.

Privacy information may come to us by Cookie however, you can accept or reject the Cookie although we do not send any data to a third-party.

We do not hold any data for children under 18 or unknowingly have access unless with a parental consent.

We keep personal details for as long as necessary however, you have a right to access any data information kept.